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Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!

By Jonathan  //  News, Tracks, VideOHH  //  No Comments

You’ve heard the song all summer long, it’s the story of your life, and now Fatboy Slim made it real life… in contest form! read more


VideOHH Episode 21: Macklemore, Deniz Koyu, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding

By Jonathan  //  VideOHH  //  1 Comment

This episode of videOHH is brought to you by the Pacific Northwest and how bad ass it is. Oh and I guess also Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, and Deniz Koyu. read more


Random Access Memories – The Collaborators: Nile Rodgers

By Jonathan  //  News, VideOHH  //  No Comments

The grand daddy of disco, Nile Rodgers, gives us his input on the new Random Access Memories record. Excitement levels are now even further off the charts for the May 21st release date. read more


Ultra 15 Recap VideOHH

This videOHH is rated B.. for boobs. read more


VideOHH Episode 20: A-Trak Short Cut, Afrojack Music Video, and The M Machine

By Jonathan  //  VideOHH  //  No Comments

On today’s episode of VideOHH’s we have for you an awesome scratch video from A-Trak and two new music videos from Nick Van De Wall and the M Machine. Enjoy Bots! read more


VideOHH Episode 19: Dance Lessons, Apollo Video, and the Mau5 at Ultra

By Jonathan  //  VideOHH  //  1 Comment

Seeing as it’s the first day back from spring break we’ll keep it easy and light, and just drop off a few videohh’s for y’all to sit back and enjoy. read more


deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin @ SXSW (VideOHH)

By Caroline  //  News, VideOHH  //  1 Comment

Hawtin to deadmau5: “You are the number one gatekeeper of electronic music right now. I’d say it’s your responsibility to open those gates as wide as possible.” read more


Guess Where It Is: TomorrowWorld Location Leak

Oh Bandsintown, so good at spoiling a good concert release or headlining artist. (Bonus: videOHH inside!) You’re never going to guess though, where the momentous follow up to Tomorrowlandzz is… read more


deadmau5 + Imogen Heap VideOHH & Remix Album Release

By Caroline  //  News, Tracks, VideOHH  //  1 Comment

The Heapmau5 contest is finally over and the videOHH is here! Come see the work of 20 talented animators in today’s visual release: Telemiscommunications. read more


VideOHH: New Pretty Lights Song & NYE Recap

By Caroline  //  Tracks, VideOHH  //  1 Comment

DVS. In the spot. With his track especially produced for the NYC NYE shows, The Day Is Gone. read more


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