Daft Punk + Coachella = 0

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Despite all of the rumors floating around the internet and all the Vevo and other fake evidence out there, Rolling Stone magazine has officially put the rumor to rest. In an online article released earlier today, a Daft Punk rep told Rolling Stone that despite the Vevo page, and all the other talk out there, Daft Punk will not be at Coachella. Honestly, this does not come as a big surprise to me and I don’t think it really should to you. The duo has been off the circuit for over 5 years now and to think that on the brink of a new album, Random Access Memories, they would headline any festival a month before it drops, without a full blown marketing campaign, releasing all their new music to the public, is just a bit silly. The way I see it, the boys are playing this one by the books. The album will come out in the summer, they’ll let it all soak in and get played out during festival season, and then come winter or spring of next year, a world tour of epic proportions will ensue. And oh, it will be epic.


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