deadmau5 + Imogen Heap VideOHH & Remix Album Release

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The Heapmau5 contest is finally over and the videOHH is here! Come see the work of 20 talented animators in today’s visual release: Telemiscommunications. The proposal:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.48.58 PM
Above is Heapmau5‘s unique canvas on which they challenged artists to paint their collaborative song effort. The result is some really cool, abstract ish that keeps the audience intregued and wowed. A beautifully flowing story in all sorts of mediums that’s just the sort of creative next level you’d expect from the Hide & Seek singer and Professional Griefers video mastermind. You can have a look-see at each artist’s profile right here.

Additionally, the remix album dropped today, featuring takes by Crookers, Kolsch, Copy Paste Soul and Canadian John Roman – who’s track we couldn’t find on Soundcloud. Give a listen and let us know which one is your favorite. I’m crushing on the very mau5-y sounding Crookers electro edit, but Copy Paste Soul is definitely bringing the groove! (Purchase album on beatport)


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