deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin @ SXSW (VideOHH)

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Hawtin to deadmau5: “You are the number one gatekeeper of electronic music right now. I’d say it’s your responsibility to open those gates as wide as possible.” Amidst the chatter of two, super brilliant minds about computers, rigs, modulators and other knobs and bobs that make the average person get up and leave a conversation, came a rather matter-of-factly moment; maybe because Richie is one of Joel’s idols, this profound comment from their discussion at South By Southwest will bear some weight on his ‘sometimes things get whatever’ attitude. That, and that their presence there together is one of the biggest confirmations of dance music’s arrival the Texas festival has ever admitted to.

Here’s a videOHH straight from Austin of deadmau5 (dressed as Joel Zimmerman), playing some serious noise with his techno hero. Considering deadmau5’s not-so-secret love for minimalism, and Hawtin’s practical creation of it, there’s no doubt this set was something to appreciate. However if you are impatient, a melody kicks in around 5 minutes.


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