Drinking Game Alert: The Grammys

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The winners at tonight’s 55th Grammy Awards might not be guaranteed but your good time will be! Tune in to CBS at 8pm (7 Central) with your friends to watch music’s biggest stage. Follow OHH’s recipe for instant fun while cheering on your favorites: Skrillex, deadmau5, Kaskade, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Aoki and the Chemical Brothers.

Take a sip of your drink for every time…
-Someone says ‘Bieber’
-You see an artist covered in glitter or sequins
-There’s a guy in a shrunken hipster suit (take 2 if he’s wearing glasses!)
-Someone is wearing sunglasses… inside
-Somebody references ‘Call Me Maybe’
-You see a non-musical celebrity
-You hear ‘never-ever’

Take a shot…
-Each time someone references the ‘return of Justin Timberlake’
-If Nicki Minaj’s hair is blonde (if it’s any color found in the Crayola Big Box, take 2)
-Every time Rihanna or Katy Perry does an outfit change
-When you see a rapper looking totally uninterested in a non hip-hop performance

Enjoy a hefty gulp each time…
-Adam Levine goes into his falsetto
-2 totally random artists duet together
(Bonus gulp for every ‘surprise guest’ that joins them – may as well just finish your drink if that person is over 50)

Finish half of your beverage for every time…
-A presenter messes up reading the teleprompter
-You spot deadmau5
-An artist accepts an award via video
-There’s a standing ovation
-Taylor Swift looks shocked/surprised (Feel free to pour the rest of it on your ex after)

Shotgun a brew if SKRILLEX wins.. anything.

Chug it down to the end…
-If someone falls on stage
-During the whole memorial montage
(yep, you better have a 2nd ready… and a 3rd)

…and if someone so much as mentions the word Nickelback, kick them out of your house.




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