Guess Where It Is: TomorrowWorld Location Leak

Oh Bandsintown, so good at spoiling a good concert release or headlining artist. (Bonus: videOHH inside!) You’re never going to guess though, where the momentous follow up to Tomorrowlandzz is…ATL folks.
That’s right,
TomorrowWorldz in Georgia.

Before you articulate that look on your face to the person across from you, let’s recall that C3’s Counterpoint took place for the first time last year on some substantial Chattachooche riverfront property. Additionally, the one hit wonder has not voiced plans for round two. The star-studded lineup ran its course from September 27-29 in 2012, which is the confirmed weekend of TomorowWorldzz later this year.

How about that? One of the most anticipated events ID&T is ever going to ignite is in America… coincidence?  Yeah we don’t think so either. I wish every time I opened my mouth fat stacks of cash came out of it too. Here’s the telling screen shot from DancingAstro of DJ Shogun’s Bandsintown on Facespace:

With that said, guaranteed ID&T is going to have to be a lot more careful if they want to release the good word themselves moving forward; remember the Sensation USA headliner leak? Ironically, this only seems to be an issue with American events… omen? Nah. TomorrowWorld is going to be incredible and ‘Merica will be a gracious host.

BONUS: The always looked-forward to Tomorrowlandzzzzz trailer/fantasy film for 2013 is here! Peep now:


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