Next Level of Badass: Daft Punk in YSL

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Jman gets to geek out about DJ gear and sound physics.. it’s my turn now. Those sharp sequin suits we’ve seen the pair sporting as of late came straight from the mammoth French couture house, as the robots will be featured in Saint Laurent’s latest ad campaign. 


Just when I thought this couldn’t get any groovier, Daft Punk go and become a (silent) spokesperson for YSL. Along with Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, the duo is a part Saint Laurent’s new music project/brand revamp, a collaboration that began in October of 2012 when the guys were asked to provide the soundtrack for YSL’s fashion show.

Under the direction of Hedi Silmane, these robots are styled in the fashion house’s famous, ultra-cool tuxedos – so smart and totally androgynous. Joined, of course, by Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, the whole gang sports the formalwear stagewear that seamlessly matches the smooth vibe of Get Lucky in the glittering video preview.

So major…



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