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If you haven’t been watching the Olympics, here’s why you should: those Brits have brilliant taste in music!From the Opening Ceremony to now, London 2012 has been so exciting to watch as well as to listen to! Danny Boyle chose the Chemical Brothers’ Galvanize as the first and last song of the Parade of Nations; tradition saw Greece lead-out the 204 participating countries that followed, while the host nation closed the presentation. The very cool melody and vocal made for the perfect pump-up anthem, encouraging the athletes to inspire crowds games – “don’t hold back.” As for the games themselves, dance music has a fierce presence in all venues from volleyball to swimming to gymnastics to water polo, these are the tracks we’ve heard (far) more than once:

Calvin Harris – Bounce
David Guetta –  Turn Me On & Titanium
Nero – Me and You
Skrillex – Rock n Roll Will Take You To the Mountain
Fatboy Slim – Praise You
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
Chemical Brothers – Block Rocking Beats
Avicii – Levels

Not only do these tracks provide an intense atmosphere for the participants, but an exciting soundtrack for the audience. And I’m sure if you really pay attention, you’ll see your parents bobbin’ their heads to the music they constantly ask you to turn down. It’s great that we’re hearing so many electronic songs during these giant, international games as the genre is getting some well deserved exposure. It looks like America has caught on too: we leave you with NBC Sports’ trailer set to Madeon‘s Finale..


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