Optimus Does Wavefront!

By Jonathan  //  Massives  //  1 Comment

A few weekends ago at Wavefront Music Festival we got some amazing video that gave us the opportunity to see what Optimus sees at a festival. And boy is it amazing!One of our very own bots, Philthy, hooked your favorite festival going transformer up with a GoPro for the weekend! It was our first time trying it out and I’m not gonna lie, the videos are pretty amazing! Here’s a few clips we got for your viewing pleasure! Again a big thanks to Phil for getting Optimus a GoPro and making this all possible! Be on the lookout in the future for more amazing footage of your favorite festivals from a Bots-eye point of view. **Unfortunately we lost the HD quality so that we could upload it on our post :( Hopefully we can work that out and get y’all the HD one in the future**

Click here ==> WavefrontGoPro



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