Perfecting The Jam: Why You Need To Know Dashing

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If you’re looking for an Afrojack-sized night without the hassle of the Congress Theater, follow the pink and purple brick road to Maxbar in Lincoln Park – hit the jump to find out why!

Better known to some as Sir (yes, sir) Richard Olivo, Dashing knows how to make a playlist that packs a punch. Born and bred right here in Chicago, he is proud and excited to play his first real club gig at Maxbar tonight – where bot nation is going to pack the house in support for one of our own! There is a special energy that comes from this man; whether it be at a festival, at a bar or at your random run-of-the-mill-rooftop-rave, Dashing provides more than just a set – he’s full blown entertainment.

If you talk to him for more than a few minutes, you’ll know why: the man is a walking EDM encyclopedia. I would say one of the greatest attributes to a good DJ is having an endless knowledge of music to be supplied at anytime; it’s a innate star-quality, and Dashing serves piping-hot ladles of it. His dedication to this music goes way back to the first time he heard techno and was immediately in hot pursuit of more. Olivo found himself at a record store buying Daft Punk’s Homework with his Christmas money. After that it was Prodigy, The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers. Upon further research, (neighborhood park district dances) he stumbled upon Euro and my favorite genre name ever: booty house. It’s fitting that Dashing should make his debut tonight, as one of his major influences from this time, DJ Funk, will simultaneously take the stage at The Mid: “I may just have to rush there straight from my gig, I love him and try to see (him) whenever he plays.” His guiltiest pleasure? DJ Markski.

As of late though, Dashing’s favorite acts to pull from for his mixes include huge players, like Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner, who Olivo has coined ‘the current Mozart of EDM.’ “I think Skrillex is great and I will fight people about it. He is just so creatively versatile… Some one who took a long time to grow on me was Tiesto, who is just amazing and truly deserves the status he has achieved.” Don’t be fooled by the commercial names, Dashing goes out of his way to include the best of new and old, throwing in a few secret-weapon gems from folks like Tocadisco and Bart B More.

If Olivo were to fashion a tagline it would be “this is a JAM!” Not-so-coincidentally, you’ll find the same phrase coming out of your own mouth several times if you come to Maxbar tonight and check out his set. When you see the signature black and white racing stripes behind the booth, prepare for an educational experience that makes an old-school vibe relevant.. oh and a can’t-stop dance-a-thon.

Check out Dashing‘s full Soundcloud here!


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