Pleasurekraft feat. Green Velvet – Skeleton Key

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I guess we don’t usually post tracks like this one on our site but this was just too groovy to pass on.

Skeleton Key by Pleasurekraft ft. Green Velvet definitely doesn’t have soaring vocals, epic build-ups and break-downs, or growling basslines. But what it does have is something called da funk. It’s very deep and dark in many ways but it’s also so funky it’ll have your grandma dancing up a storm on the disco floor. The beginning is a bit boring but get about three minutes in, when Green Velvet starts to lay it down, the track just pops off! There’s that eerie synth that makes the title oh so perfect, and those horn samples to go right along with the groovy line they’ve set up. I’M BIGGER THAN THAT! Check it out below!

Skeleton Key (Original Mix)


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