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Derek Vincent Smith has been pretty quiet for the last couple of months, and it appears like it’s for good reason. The artist known as Pretty Lights just came onto the scene today with a new track entitled Around the Block (free download here), a music video (below) to accompany the release, and news of his new album A Color Map of the Sun dropping July 2nd of this year. In the news release DVS had this to say about the release:

It has been 2 years, 5 months and 24 days since I last released a record. I am properly delighted to announce the release of my new full-length album A Color Map of the Sun . I began work on this album/project/experiment in February of 2011 and spent a year creating my own vinyl collection of everything I needed to produce the album I heard in my head. I spent the next year producing songs with homemade vinyl samples and a big crazy analog synth I built just for this album. It is truly Analog Electronica. It’s soulful electro hip-hop that went back in time to learn from the life of its smooth ass grandparents.

Music will always continue to evolve. On A Color Map of the Sun I challenged myself to evolve my own sound and style by looking to the past and paying respect to all the ways in which music can yield immense power; emotionally, kinetically, and as I see it, inspirationally. Basically, I tried to make an album that could make you feel your soul, move your body and maybe even stir up new ideas. I put my whole self into this album and it put itself back into me. – Derek Vincent Smith

It’s been a long time coming since an official Pretty Lights release, and this summer couldn’t be a better time if you ask me. Lots of amazing music coming our way in a couple months gang!


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