Soon: Solo EP from Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands

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Oh boy, these are good. Preview the tracks inside! Now I should preface that we shouldn’t get our hopes up about any new Chemical Brothers material; a release is not in the works for this year. However, if you’ve been paying close attention, you may have heard either of these solo tunes in an Erol Alkan set.  These were tracks that Rowlands made exclusively for DJing, which then were given to Alkan to test drive (the EP is coming out on Alkan’s label, Phantasy Sound). Obviously, they are awesome and have that wild, futuristic quality the Chemical duo tends to offer. The tracks are described on Phantasy’s Soundcloud: Through Me is an all-cylinders, propulsive elasticated house track while ‘Nothing But Pleasure’ is eight-plus minutes of unstoppable Metallic KO disco. 

I do love the sound of that… and of the previews. Pre-order this 12-inch wonder here.


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