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North Coast Phase 1 Email Release

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

Shazam! Summer’s last stand is back again and this time…. with WU-TANG! read more


We Called It (Lollapalooza Headliner Leak): Mumford + Postal Service Reunion

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

Yaaaaay: The Grammy winners are coming to town! BOOOO: this is pretty freaking reminiscent of the 2010 headlining lineup. read more


Chicago’s Wavefront Returns for Round 2: Ticket Info

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  1 Comment

Remember that time we saw Eric Prydz and Duck Sauce on the beach while the sun set in downtown Chicago? If you don’t, you probably need to get to Wavefront this summer; here’s the scoop. read more


BESTival: Spring Awakening Recap Video

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

“I think that was definitely the highlight of the month, it’s the best festival. Even though I’ve played coachella and edc.. the crowd reaction today was far better.” – Morgan Page read more


Were You There? North Coast Day 2

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

This year NC may have been overpopulated but our favorite hometown festival and its freaks didn’t suffer from it. Despite the huge infestation of high school kiddies, Union Park still holds the best heterogeneous crowd community around. Here’s how we spend our Saturday.  read more


North Coast Recap VideOHHs

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  1 Comment

We are getting all kinds of reviews ready from the 3rd installation of Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival, but while we’re prepping (and recovering) here’s the video recap of each day. read more


Your North Coast Survival Guide

By Caroline  //  Massives, News, Steez  //  No Comments

Check off day 1 bots. Did you see Axwell or STS9 last night? Either way it was a legit start to NC year 3. We’ve complied all the ish you need to become an instant Union Park veteran after the jump – and as always – look for Optimus today! read more


Perry’s Gets A Stage: Lollapalooza Map

By Caroline  //  Massives  //  1 Comment

Last year’s 15,000 person tent is being scrapped to make way for a stage (in the same location) of EDC proportions. Boy, oh boy bots – take a peep. read more


Wavefront Adds Eric Prydz & SAMF Gets Inside Soldier Field

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  3 Comments

Security isn’t the only thing Chicago stepped-up this week.. read more


*UPDATED: Da Home of Da (Neon) Bears

By Caroline  //  Massives  //  7 Comments

Audio, Video, Disco… at Soldier Field? read more


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