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Live Nation Takes Stake in Insomniac Events, Partnership Confirmed

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

Owner and founder of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella took to Twitter and Instagram this morning to announce officially to fans that Live Nation has purchased a large stake in the production company. read more


VideOHH Episode 15: Boys Noize & Super Bowl Commercial to Go Nuts For

By Caroline  //  News, VideOHH  //  No Comments

Inside this episode of Operation: Hand Hug Presents, VideOHHs; an Insomniac event reminder, super-power fueled video for What You Want and opp, opp opp opp.. crackin Gangnam Style! read more


EDC Chicago Official, AND WE GET TO CAMP-OUT!

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  1 Comment

“As Insomniac continues to grow, our first priority is listening to our fans and they’ve made us feel confident that EDC has a home in Chicago.” Pasquale, buddy, you most certainly do. read more


Electric Forest 3.0: Capacity To Be Doubled

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  1 Comment

If you’ve been to Rothbury, Michigan for the magical forest experience either of the past two years you know just how mystical and rad it is. Well some other people want in on the one-of-a-kind, camp-out… 20,000 more to be exact. read more


Something Awesome This Way Comes: EDC CHICAGO

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  1 Comment

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella tweeted this Instagram photo about some kind of event headed to React Presents dominated Chicago. After some serious research, we’ve come to only one leering conclusion: Chicago is getting a foking Electronic Daisy Carnival. We’ve got the scoop inside. read more


Escape From Wonderland Artist Announcement

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  No Comments

Knoximus and I went to the inaugural event last year and had a B.L.A.S.T. Check out this year’s installment. read more


Beyond Wonderland: New Location.. Later THIS Year?

Ohh it’s been too long since we’ve talked Insomniac in the OHH office. So I’m happy to report that the California event-experience extraordinares are keeping us on our toes, leaving us scratching our heads about one of their signature massives: Beyond Wonderland. read more


Pimp My Festival: How Electric Daisy Went From 3,000 Attendees to 300,000

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  2 Comments

Founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella is more-or-less the Steve Jobs of the ‘festival experience.’ Find out what he has in store for this years biggest, baddest EDC to date. read more


Tall Trees Inside

By Caroline  //  Massives  //  2 Comments

Electric Forest is back in 2012 and for those of us who were there to welcome back the long awaited festival at Rothbury, Michigan last year, we couldn’t be happier. read more


Last Chance to Get a Single Day EDC Ticket.. Literally.

By Caroline  //  Massives, News  //  2 Comments

This is your world, so come play and let your imagination lead the way...” but only if you’re coming for the whole weekend. read more


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