WANT: Bass Pack by Solid Gray

By Jonathan  //  Steez  //  1 Comment

You thought you were cool walking around campus with your Burton Shaun White limited edition backpack? Think again homie. Solid Gray is a company that thinks outside of the box. They make back packs and tablet covers that are meant not only to store your stuff, but to make everyone’s heads turn as you walk by. Their packs are made out of a rigid plastic that folds in and out of itself, much like an armadillo shell.


Now before you go run off and buy one of those suckers (for a price tag of roughly $180) think of something that could make this pack better. In the style department, I don’t know if there is anything else they can do, however, in the music department, they thought of about 8 things they could do better. The Bass Pack, by Solid Gray, is the same design as their normal pack, but with 8 speakers attached ready to fuel any sidewalk party you and your friends desire. I’m not 100% sure when this thing is going to hit stores but we’ll be sure to keep you updated, as we’re definitely gonna be in line to snatch one up!


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